Making The IPv6 Transition: IPv6 Tutorials, Analysis And More

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 IPv6 Transition, IPv6 tutorial, IPv4 to IPv6

With the arrival of IPv6 comes a significant opportunity for resellers to help their customers make the IPv6 transition. But jumping from IPv4 to IPv6 is not only a complicated process, its move that's being met with skepticism and is raising a lot of security concerns.

The impact of IPv6 will undoubtedly be felt in the IT channel -- both positively and negatively. Fortunately CRN has plenty of coverage for VARs looking to capitalize on the IPv6 transition, those concerned with IPv6 security issues and an introduction to the new protocol through an IPv6 tutorial.

6 Things Every VAR Should Know About The IPv6 Transition

What does the channel need to know about the IPv6 transition? In the wake of the World IPv6 Day, solution providers and IPv6 experts examine the impact the new protocol will have and how VARs can capitalize by advising businesses on the transition.

IPv6 Tutorial: Understanding IPv6 Transition In Three Easy Steps

Planning to make the IPv6 transition? In this IPv6 Tutorial, the CRN Test Center examines three steps every VAR should take in anticipation of IPv6.

Don't Fall Victim To IPv6 Hype, Says Secondary Market Reseller

Many VARs are skeptical of IPv6, fearing that the IPv6 transition will require a rip-and-replace infrastructure upgrade. But as one secondary market reseller sees, the pressure to make costly upgrades may just be a lot of hype.

Channel Greets IPv6 Day With Skeptical Eye

While there is plenty of hype around IPv6, enterprise interest has been sluggish. And given that urgency for IPv6 upgrades just isn't there yet, few solution providers are reaping the rewards such a major IT transition would seem to warrant.


IPv6 And The IT Channel: Assessing, Integrating, Mythbusting

The level of opportunity the IPv6 transitions is creating for solution providers is up for debate. One thing is for certain though, all of the questions surrounding the new protocol is leaving an open space for the position IPv6 thought leadership.

World IPv6 Day Raises New Security Concerns

World IPv6 Day is the books, but the the 24-hour transition during June 8 provided plenty of opportunity for cyber criminals "test drive" new attacks.

Brocade Stands Between IPv4 Diehards, IPv6 Purists

According to Brocade, the near-exhaustion of IPv4 addresses is a cause for concern but not panic as new technologies are helping solution providers transition to IPv6.

How To Prepare For IPv6 Transition

Michael Savory, Senior Technical Marketing Engineer, Allied Telesis explains the challenge of Ipv6, and how you can help your customers plan for the change.


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