Mobile App, New Marketing Tools And More: GreenLink Networks Going Big With MSPs

Channel-only GreenLink Networks says it understands how to help MSPs expand their business better than the competition because of its leadership's prior experience as an MSP.

Cloud VoIP provider GreenLink Networks is armed with a set of tools to help its partners boost their business, including a new mobile app, an enhanced commissions report, and more ready-to-use marketing tools.

"We are investing heavily in partner training and marketing support," Jhovanny Rodriguez, vice president and co-founder of channel-only GreenLink Networks, told CRN. "There's some things coming down the pike this year that will put us over the top over what some of our competitors are doing today based on the investments we've been working on over the last year."

Specifically, the new GreenLink mobile app will serve as a mirror of a user's voice extension, letting employees can make and receive calls and messaging. GreenLink today offers compatibility with another third-party application, but the process requires configuration. The new GreenLink-branded app, which will be free to all customers, will simplify deployment and will let users easily log in to their business VoIP service, said Mayron Herrera, CEO and co-founder of GreenLink Networks.

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"It also makes the transition for the partner that may be helping the customer a lot easier as more and more [businesses] move to mobility solutions," Herrera said.

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The mobile app, which will be available for iOS and Android, will be available within the next 60 days.

On the marketing side, GreenLink is adding a new marketing manager and will be adding more "campaigns in a box" solutions for partners to help increase their pipelines, Rodriguez said.

GreenLink has also enhanced its commissions reports to give partners more visibility into bonuses. The firm today pays its partners bonuses on every 25 voice extensions, and the upgraded reports lets solution providers can see how close they are to the next bonus or the breakdown per sales agent.

"As bigger partners come, we are seeing these firms have sales staffs and they want to be able to easily see how to pay their individual sales employees," Rodriguez explained.

GreenLink Networks, a company that does business solely through the channel, understands partners because it spun out of an MSP that is still practicing today, Synetek Solutions. The majority of GreenLink's partners -- about 98 percent -- are MSP partners, Herrera said.

GreenLink's relationships with channel partners are helping the firm stand out from its competitors, said Troy Kantner, president and CEO of MSP Solve IT Solutions.

Solve IT Solutions, based in Wyomissing, Pa., ten years ago began growing very rapidly. The firm began adding more services to its repertoire to satisfy its customer base but was struggling to find a good VoIP provider, Kantner said.

The MSP tried several UC specialists and carriers -- none of which worked out, Kantner said. Six years ago, the company found GreenLink Networks, tried the product, and began selling its solution. Solve IT has been very happy with GreenLink's solutions, which it sells to its "mom and pop" customers, all the way to its enterprise-level clients, he said.

"[GreenLink] was different. Any time we had an issue, they were really on top of things to get it fixed," Kantner said. "They take my feedback for new features and just about every idea I've had has been incorporated. I didn't get that with any of the other providers -- it was like they didn't care."

GreenLink has always offered trainings to its channel, but the firm now expanding its GreenLink University efforts with new online trainings that will be up and running by April, the company said.

Rodriguez said that GreenLink has invested in a studio within its Addison, Texas-based office to create more videos and animations for partners.

"The big focus is to provide more training and content to increase partner engagement," he said.

Some of GreenLink's partners have never sold VoIP and are learning with the help of GreenLink. "We have always done a lot of sales support and we manage the onboarding process for partners -- it's very white-glove," Herrera said. "We make it easy by focusing on sales, marketing and quoting, so [partners] don't have to invest in those employees as part of a partnership with us."