Prosimo’s New Cloud Networking Tools Speed Up Cloud Migration, Multi-Cloud Management

The multi-cloud networking specialist’s cloud networking product suite will be especially helpful for partners and enterprises as businesses look to securely connect applications and services together across regions and multiple clouds, the startup tells CRN.


Multi-cloud networking upstart Prosimo is introducing a cloud-based networking product suite to help enterprises design, build, troubleshoot and manage single and multi-cloud networking environments.

The new suite of three tools introduced on Wednesday — Visual Transit Builder, Cloud Tracer and Adaptive Service Insertion — simplifies connectivity, compliance and multi-cloud operations while speeding time to migration. It’s especially important as businesses look to securely connect applications and services together across regions and multiple clouds, Mehul Patel, Prosimo’s head of marketing and customer insights, told CRN.

“Rather than rip and replace, we can tell you what’s already working, what you’ve already invested in and either make that better, or [the enterprise] can decide to replace,” Patel said.

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The new suite gives both VAR and MSP partners the opportunity to speed up cloud migration times while also bringing down their own operational costs, said Mani Ganesan, Prosimo’s vice president of product. He added that the features will help partners differentiate their services, because a process that would have taken four weeks can now be done in hours with the help of the new suite of tools.

“Right from the get-go, [partners] can walk into any enterprise, and say: I know this is what is slowing down your cloud migration, I can help you do that faster … compliance, then operations, and even the initial onboarding. And for managed partners — we have a ton of them that we’re working with — they’re able to actually turn down their own operational costs and say: ‘Hey, I’m going to manage this all the way from initial onboarding to all the ongoing operations of your cloud [with] these tools I can use myself [and] by the way, I don’t need for two engineers to manage,’” Ganesan said.

Visual Transit Builder gives users a drag and drop option that simplifies the process for cloud network architects to onboard networks, applications and services across any cloud using the same visual builder. This can save resources and shorten deployment times, according to the company.

Cloud Tracer is a tool that can speed up troubleshooting and time to resolution for enterprises. It helps users track network topology and flow tracing across different regions and data centers so enterprises can anticipate issues in real-time across networking, security, and applications.

To help reduce human error, Adaptive Service Insertion simplifies compliance in the cloud. Enterprises can define policies to insert stateful services, including firewalls in the path for networks and applications. Prosimo said the tool can reduce the risk of human error, simplify ongoing maintenance and right-size the services to save costs.

“Now, partners and obviously our customers can take these three features and actually start doing a level of orchestration and seeing what’s working in the network [as they] build out their ‘Cloud Center of Excellence’ practices,” Patel said.

Prosimo partners can help their customers migrate to the cloud much faster, while taking advantage of existing infrastructure since Prosimo’s tools work across third-party clouds and applications, making the time to value for Prosimo partners with their clients faster, Patel said.

“[Partners] can go to their enterprise customers and as they think about cloud migration and security, they know that we’ve got a bunch of tools that can actually provide the services and the conversation of replacing anything that’s existed is kind of off the table,” he said.

San Jose, Calif.-based Prosimo in 2022 launched its Next Partner Program to reward the company’s existing partners with access to more incentives, margins and resources, according to the company.

Prosimo, founded in 2019, does 100 percent of its business through its ecosystem of partners.