Spectrum Enterprise’s Managed Network Edge Lets Partners ‘Tailor’ Networking To Clients

The carrier’s new Managed Network Edge solution can be used by partners to tailor-make a compete network management solution for enterprise and midsized customers, while adding to their recurring revenue mix, according to Spectrum Enterprise Channel Chief Michelle Kadlacek.

Spectrum Enterprise, part of Charter Communications, is introducing a managed networking solution in partnership with Cisco to simplify networking for midsized companies and enterprises.

Managed Network Edge (MNE), announced on Wednesday, is based on the Cisco Meraki cloud-based platform. The offering lets both businesses and channel partners implement and manage single and multi-location local area networks (LANs) and wide area networks (WANs), according to Spectrum.

“For partners taking advantage of MNE, this more than meets the needs of their clients and not just from a single platform, but across multiple locations, too,” Michelle Kadlacek, vice president, Channel Partner Program for Spectrum Enterprise, told CRN.

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MNE includes managed routing, security and SD-WAN powered by Cisco Meraki Partners and end customers can also add other services to the platform, including managed Wi-Fi, network switches and smart cameras. MNE can also integrate with unified communications (UC) options, such as the Spectrum Enterprise UC service, according to the Stamford, Conn.-based carrier.

“The focus is to help companies challenged by legacy technologies that need to digitize and transform their networks. We’re here to offer a complete, managed services solution with the right connectivity, with a consultative approach,” Kadlacek said.

MNE, which is priced per month, can be scaled as a business grows, Kadlacek said. Businesses or the partners managing MNE on behalf of their clients can change or add services onto the MNE solution through a cloud-based user portal. The portal also offers user and application analytics to monitor user activity and traffic across the network.

For partners, MNE represents another avenue for recurring revenue, Kadlacek said. “Partners that sell MNE; not only are they helping their clients to tailor that compete solution and simplify network management, but it will also add to their bottom line and their recurring revenue,” she said.

The solution will compliment managed networking services that partners may already have in their portfolios, she added.

Spectrum partners can partner with the carrier’s dedicated managed services team to help them deliver the solution to their end clients, the company said.

MNE is especially relevant during the COVID-19 pandemic, which has changed networking needs drastically and forced many businesses to rethink or digitize their entire IT infrastructures, Kadlacek. “The pandemic has caused businesses to realize that connectivity really does play a critical role,” she said. “This solution gives [customers] visibility and control into their network along with expertise and support, 24/7.”

Spectrum Enterprise and Cisco have had a long standing working relationship and have collaborated on several product and network infrastructure solutions, including data networking, managed services and voice solutions, Spectrum said.