The 25 Hottest IoT & 5G Services Companies: 2023 Edge Computing 100

As part of CRN’s Edge Computing 100, here are 25 providers that are specializing in 5G, IoT and edge services.

Harnessing Connectivity At The Edge

5G, compared to its predecessor technologies, offers blazing-fast internet speeds and less latency. IoT has been waiting for a technology like 5G to give applications the speed and latency these use cases require to connect many devices and endpoints to the internet without bogging down or bottlenecking the connection. Vendors and service providers are bringing together IoT and 5G, while also adding new services on top, such as managed services and security, to create new offerings for businesses. 5G, together with edge computing, which brings compute, storage, and data analysis closer to the location where it is needed, is powering and strengthening brand-new use cases.

The 5G, IoT, and edge markets have caused the usual suspects -- legacy telecom service providers and wireless specialists -- to step up their games by either building out their 5G network footprints or developing new connectivity offerings to target IoT environments. Telecom equipment makers are getting in on the action, too. But the market has also opened the door to a new generation of startups that are tackling application development and those that are getting creative with connectivity.

As part of CRN’s Edge Computing 100, here are 25 providers that are specializing in 5G, IoT and edge services.


Subbu Iyer


Aerospike offers a real-time, high performance NoSQL database for applications that cannot experience any downtime and require high read and write throughput. An Amazon Web Services partner with its own ecosystem of global solution provider partners, Aerospike’s fast, low-latency database platform can be adapted to any edge network to help businesses scale their IoT environments.


Shankar Somasundaram


Asimily specializes in IoT security, including threat detection and incident response, vulnerability mitigation, and risk modeling for industries such as health care, manufacturing, life sciences and higher education. The six-year-old company’s Launch Partner Program for service providers, resellers and MSPs went live in October 2023.


John Stankey


Telecom giant AT&T is helping businesses harness LTE and 5G at the network edge. AT&T’s Network Edge offers fast, low-latency 5G connectivity, end-to-end security, connectivity that’s optimized for moving workloads between regional clouds and the edge, and automatic routing of local 5G user traffic to the edge.

Cambium Networks

Morgan Kurk

President, CEO

Wireless infrastructure specialist Cambium is focusing on bringing 5G and multi-Gigabit Wi-Fi connectivity to the masses and going after industrial IoT use cases. Cambium’s offerings include enterprise networking, fixed wireless broadband, hybrid networks, outdoor wireless for private networking and small cell backhaul offerings.

Cavli Wireless

John Mathew


Cavli Wireless is a self-proclaimed IoT solution provider and enabler that is building the next generation of IoT connectivity management technology through hardware and its management cloud. The company offers a line of eSIM integrated smart IoT modules pre-loaded with local LTE, LPWAN and 5G connectivity that can be managed at scale via its connectivity management platform, Cavli Hubble.


Rajeev Shah

Co-Founder, CEO

Startup Celona burst onto the scene in 2020 with a platform that lets enterprises create 5G/4G LTE private networks, filling a major gap in the connectivity market. The company in September launched a neutral-host private wireless platform that can integrate with public network providers, including T-Mobile.


Charles Treadway

President, CEO

CommScope, a now entirely enterprise-focused company, has been pushing the boundaries of wireless with its 5G and LTE wireless network offerings that are deployed in stadiums, campuses and public spaces. The company is delivering Network-as-a-Service offerings to address edge computing use cases to enterprises and people worldwide.

Cradlepoint, Part of Ericsson

George Mulhern

Chairman, CEO

Ericsson-owned Cradlepoint is unlocking the power of LTE and next-gen cellular technologies with NetCloud Exchange, an extension of its cloud-managed Network-as-a- Service offering. The company also offers NetCloud Threat Defense Cloud, based on its recent acquisition of Ericom’s security service edge technology.


Vinay Ravuri

Founder, CEO

EdgeQ, a five-year-old, self-proclaimed 5G systems-on-a-chip company, is bringing AI to the edge of the network with 5G. The company is entering trials with worldwide OEMs and operators with its 5G Base- Station-on-a-Chip technology and recently raised $75 million to ramp up production to enterprise customers and telecom operators.


Andrew Gregoire

Co-Founder, CEO

For2Fi got its start in 2017 when MSP-owner-turned-wireless-specialist Gregoire and his business partner John Reed identified a hole in the market around business LTE. The company brings wireless LTE and 5G connectivity to customers exclusively via the channel, specifically targeting retail and hard-to-reach businesses that need connectivity.


Keith Steele


IOTech’s mission is to make industrial data easily accessible, actionable and manageable for providers and consumers of industrial edge solutions. IOTech Edge Central, based on EdgeX Foundry, is the company’s open edge data platform that includes connectivity, processing and edge management.

MachineQ, a Comcast Company

Steve Salata


MachineQ, which is backed by the power of cable giant Comcast, is making it easy for companies to build, connect and deploy long-range, wide-area networking (LoRaWAN)-based IoT offerings at scale via single platform. The companies offers indoor asset tracking offerings, as well as facility wellness and offerings geared toward the health-care, life sciences and hospitality segments.


Vatsal Shah

Co-Founder, CEO

Litmus is giving manufacturers the tools and resources they need to become more efficient, sustainable and competitive with its unified industrial IoT platform. With the ability to hook into hundreds of operational technologies, business systems and cloud applications, Litmus helps industrial companies deliver real value from their data.

Lumen Technologies

Kate Johnson

President, CEO

Lumen Technologies covers the full spectrum of needs for powering IoT applications. With its edge cloud platform, the vendor provides a fully integrated stack of compute, cloud, storage, networking, content delivery networks and security technologies that can achieve more than public clouds, colocation data centers or edge startups can on their own.


Sean Larkin


OnLogic arms companies in a wide range of verticals with the industrial computers and servers they need to run IoT, edge and AI inferencing applications. The vendor’s portfolio of computers are designed for a variety of environments, whether they’re fanless systems for dusty areas or devices that can withstand a wide range of temperatures.


Joseph E. Perle


Perle Systems designs and manufactures a variety of hardware for IoT and edge purposes, from LTE routers and industrial switches to device servers and console servers. These offerings can help organizations connect devices across multiple locations, remotely monitor and control network devices and transmit data securely.


Cristiano Amon


Qualcomm relies on its expertise in mobile connectivity and computing at the silicon level to provide end-to-end offerings for IoT applications in a variety of industries. These include chips for processing visual and other kinds of data at the edge and for transmitting data over Wi-Fi, cellular networks and Bluetooth.

Samsung Electronics North America

KS Choi

President, CEO

Samsung Electronics North America is helping businesses stay connected with 5G-connected smartphones, tablets, laptops and hotspots. The tech giant’s 5G-enabled solutions enable a variety of use cases to let businesses move faster, whether it’s using a 5G device for the precise remote control of business-critical processes or enabling real-time data monitoring.


Roland Busch

President, CEO

Siemens is helping manufacturers improves processes and reduce costs by taking advantage of their industrial data with its Insights Hub platform, which can monitor the performance of assets or factory lines in real time, build digital twin simulations of factory floors to experiment with process changes and use machine learning to predict quality.

Sierra Wireless (Semtech)

Paul Pickle

President, CEO, Semtech

Owned by IoT connectivity provider Semtech, Sierra Wireless offers modules, SIM cards and networking gear for connecting IoT devices on cellular networks. The company also provides purpose-built connectivity and cloud services designed to simplify IoT deployments, such as AirVantage, which enables global cellular coverage for devices using a single SIM card.

Software AG

Sanjay Brahmawar

Chairman, CEO

Software AG aims to put businesses on the return-on-investment fast track when it comes to deriving valuable insight and actions from IoT solutions with its Cumulocity platform. The platform simplifies connecting devices and processing data at the edge with its low-code/no-code features, enabling organizations to scale deployments as needed.


Mike Sievert

President, CEO

T-Mobile custom-tailors IoT solutions for businesses using a comprehensive set of building blocks that address connectivity, devices and connectivity management. Using its cellular networks as the backbone, the telecom giant’s IoT solutions address use cases ranging from fleet management and asset tracking to sensor solutions and smart video analytics.


Hans Vestberg

Chairman, CEO

Verizon is vowing to help businesses improve customer loyalty, track high-value assets and enhance efficiency with its portfolio of IoT platforms, services and solutions. Backed by its cellular networks, the company’s offerings address everything from condition-based maintenance and critical asset monitoring to IoT security credentialing and automated retail.

Zebra Technologies

Bill Burns


Zebra Technologies enables businesses to make better decisions by connecting people, assets and data using its portfolio of IoT hardware, software and services. The company’s offerings cover several uses cases across a wide range of verticals, such as inventory management for retail, track and trace for manufacturing and food safety solutions for hospitality.


Said Ouissal

Founder, CEO

Zededa makes it easy for organizations to protect and remotely manage edge infrastructure and applications while reducing associated costs with its edge orchestration platform. The platform can be used for several IoT use cases across various industries, including remote data processing for oil companies and predictive maintenance for solar farms.