Cisco Tells Solution Providers To 'Focus On The Apps'

Cisco Systems continues to campaign its new technologies revolving around next-generation software-defined networks, and the company says that is where solution providers should invest.

"It's about more intelligent use of assets," said Senior Vice President Howard Charney. "It's about enforcement of policy, it's about more security."

Charney said solution providers should also focus on applications.

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"If you're a solutions provider, you have to have absolute confidence in the network; you have to have absolute confidence in the pieces that need to fit together; you have to be able to build data centers; but if you're a solutions provider, the value is in the apps."

Charney praised MCPc, calling it a "standout." "MCPc is like a partner on steroids," he said.

Charney recommended that larger companies "focus on what the end game is going to be," when approaching the Internet of Everything. "Let me tell you, the end game is not going to be selling them a faster router or a faster switch."