Video Review: Netgear WN203 ProSafe Single-Band Wireless N

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For a cost-effective, high-performance Wi-Fi access point for SOHO and SMB markets, the CRN Test Center recommends the WN203 ProSafe Single-band Wireless N from Netgear.

The WN203, which lists for $99, is suitable for hospitals, hotels, college campuses conferences, and many other scenarios. The unit can mount on a ceiling or wall, and connects to power via Ethernet or the included AC adapter. The WN203 can provide one secure network for a group, such as an office staff, and an additional network for visitors or guests. Netgear has a simple browser-based setup routine, so a manual is unnecessary.

Power and self-test are indicated by LED lights, which also show activity status. The WN203 can be managed remotely, or controlled through SNMP tools using standard or proprietary 802.11 MIBs.

The W203 supports MAC address filtering, multiple SSID broadcasting for traffic segmentation, and Layer 2 VLAN configurations for enhanced security and flexibility of network design.

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