Cisco 'Talks Trash' In Internet-Of-Everything Demo

At the Cisco Partner Summit in Las Vegas this week, CEO John Chambers demonstrated the Internet of Everything's capabilities in a practical, if unglamorous, industry: waste management.

"Every company, every government is becoming a digital company, a smart company," said Chambers, as he showed the crowd how numerous architectures streamlined a hypothetical waste management company.

Vice President of Emerging Markets Jim Grubb demonstrated a real-time data dashboard, which sent maintenance and pickup notifications. The demo included an array of architectures: data center, mobility, cloud, identity and security. A tablet device with turn-by-turn GPS was enabled for truck drivers to best serve neighborhoods, and even garbage cans could be made smart with sensors.

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"You can even look at the sensors inside garbage cans, for unique odors so you can pick it up earlier, or, heaven forbid, something that might be an explosive," said Chambers.

"This technology is going to begin to affect every business, as we put low-cost sensors in every device that exists," said Grubb.

Chambers and Grubb also showed how Cisco Unified Management and intercloud capabilities drop response time for hypothetical customers.

"Every industry has these similar characteristics we're talking about," said Chambers.