MCPc Says Future In Video Solutions

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MCPc's Jed Ayres says video has "totally transformed" the company, from how MCPc communicates internally to customer support.

Ayres joined the MCPc team three years ago, "on the heels of a large telepresence investment across the whole footprint" of the company, he said. That investment has paid off.

Ayres said MCPc uses video technology to improve the flow of business and cross-country communication within the company. Ayres himself lives in California, while the rest of his team is in Ohio. "I live by the technology," he said.

MCPc also launched MCPc-TV, which pulls in "key leaders to give updates" and provides business insight in 30-minute episodes. Ayres said MCPc also is using video solutions for training and to explain go-to-market strategies.

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Aside from internal communication, MCPc uses video to communicate with customers.

"High-technical talent is hard to come by," said Ayers. "Video brings it to some of our key customers where it would, you know, require plane rides and all kinds of manipulation of peoples' schedules to make those kinds of things happen. We can do it real-time as needed."