WTG Looks To Compete With Cisco SMARTnet

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In a new partnership with Curvature, formerly known as Network Hardware Resale, WTG hopes to lure Cisco SMARTnet companies toward the NetSure maintenance solution.

WTG CEO Vince Bradley is touting the partnership as a big opportunity for VARs. "We go to market with our VAR partners; we provide more connected solutions than anyone has. Now we're going to be able to give them an additional layer to that, which is bringing some equipment in, and of course the maintenance contracts that NetSure provides. So it's a very exciting proposition for the VARs."

NetSure is a third-party solution to help customers maintain infrastructure and refresh cycles on their own time lines. Bradley said that with extending the end-of-life of networking equipment, customers can "save that capital, and ultimately use it in other ways for their business."

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Bradley said there is a "myth" that customers need SMARTnet on all Cisco equipment, and that leads to frustration with the refresh cycle.

Bradley was clear that the partnership does not compete with VARs. "We're augmenting what they're already doing. We're giving them more solutions to take to market," he said.