Curvature Exec And The Company's 'Love-Hate Relationship' With Cisco

Curvature, formerly known as Network Hardware Resale, is hoping to debunk what it says are myths around networking gear refresh cycles.

’When it comes to networking gear, there’s this three- to five-year myth that you have to refresh this all the time,’ said Curvature Managing Director Ken Rotman. ’They force you into buying new gear.’

The "they" Rotman is referring to is Cisco, and he describes Curvature's relations with the networking giant as one of "love-hate."

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Rotman said it’s critical to look to companies such as Curvature to take control of IT investments. ’You must find a third-party alternative to be able to give you these services beyond what the OEMs are guiding you on," Rotman said. "Don’t throw away things that work."

Rotman was adamant that Curvature is not the same company Network Hardware Resale was. ’We’re selling more than networking gear. We’re getting in servers, we’re getting into storage, we’re getting into professional services.’

Curvature also will be "very selective with its partners, he said.