Digital Platform Combines Sensors, Cloud And Data Analytics

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Schneider Electric is putting the Internet of Things into operation in the real world, building a digital services platform that utilizes sensors, cloud computing and data analytics.

’We’re really a cross-function team that is designed to help accelerate the development of connected software and services for our different business segments,’ said Digital Services Platform team member John Broder.

To build the platform, the team first makes a variety of sensors. Control systems collects data from those sensors and data is sent to the cloud where the team performs advanced analytics on the data.

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’Really, the value to the customer is more intelligence through the analytics,’ Broder said.

The other end of the platform is a mobile back-end framework that delivers actionable items to the customer. For example, a Schneider Electric automation server can be connected to the mobile back-end service to remotely control a thermostat, using only a smartphone. The user can change the temperature, backlight and appearance of the thermostat. The mobile phone acts as a ’secured gateway,’ which communicates with servers through the cloud, as well as on-premise devices through a hybrid approach.