Cisco Encourages Smaller Partners To Jump In On The Internet Of Everything

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Cisco’s Internet of Everything may seem like technology on an enormous scale, but Senior Director of Partner Programs Steve Benvenuto says there is plenty of room for Cisco partners of all sizes.

Benvenuto called the Internet of Everything a ’key position for Cisco going forward,’ highlighting that the venture fits in with Cisco’s legacy of building on connectivity. Benvenuto said the technology is focused on connecting devices, data intelligence, affecting processes and, ultimately, ’connecting the right people at the right time’

Currently, the most opportunities for the Internet of Everything appear to exist in vertical markets: manufacturing, retail, health care, and oil and gas. Benvenuto said that in order to make the Internet of Everything work, there should be a business-relevant application for the technology, as well as ’a level of expertise in that industry vertical.’

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Benevenuto said the opportunities for smaller partners exist in joint ventures in the Internet of Everything space.

’We’re actually seeing a lot of partner-to-partner relationships that happen where there’s some contracting out to smaller partners that have certain expertise, so more than ever actually seeing an ecosystem of not just Cisco partners with the ecosystem of applications and services partners, but actually Cisco partners coming together,’ said Benvenuto.

Benvenuto encouraged smaller partners to create relationships with other Cisco partners, and keep tabs on the Cisco-relevant applications available.