Small-Scale Applicatons Key To Internet Of Things Success

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Companies investing in the Internet of Things and machine-to-machine space are working hard to show how those complex technologies can translate to real business opportunities for partners. Charles Kriete, chief revenue officer at MSP Wyless, said they might be going about it the wrong way.

Kriete said his peers tend to ’overcomplicate the entire industry,’ focusing on large-scale applications of connected technology. He said the Internet of Things can be ’as simple as connected ATMs’ and ’parking meter solutions.’

’The applications are pretty vast,’ Kriete said.

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But data flowing across multiple devices comes at a certain risk.

’Security in this space is huge,’ Kriete said. ’[We] run our own private and secure IP network so that we can secure all the traffic and provide secure end tunnels for all of our customers.’

Kriete, who called himself a ’channel guy at heart,’ said Wyless is looking to expand its partner base.

’We really are looking for channel partners to help us sell the solutions that we create and provide,’ said Kriete. ’And then also do things like professional services, installs for our customers and things like that. There’s a lot of margin to be made -- certainly in the integration community, but in the value-added reseller community, too.’