Qualcomm, D-Link, Arrow Team Up On IoT Offering

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Chip maker Qualcomm, which has recently invested heavily in the Internet of Things space, will team up with startup LIFX and distributor Arrow to bring what might be the easiest form of connected lighting to market.

Qualcomm and LIFX’s new Wi-Fi platform and software consist of a ’Lighting Connectivity Module’ and LED bulb design, which connects Qualcomm Atheros’ Wi-Fi to available Wi-Fi networks without the need for any hubs or translators. Lighting users can control the color, energy use, and brightness of bulbs through mobile devices. Qualcomm has already teamed up with industry leaders in connected homes and lighting.

’New partners who actually have quite a bit of presence in the connected home, such as D-Link, for example, if they want to launch connected light bulbs to add to their connected home products, they’re able to quickly work with us and launch that,’ said Qualcomm Senior Vice President Raj Talluri.

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Qualcomm and D-Link have introduced ’turnkey’ bulb designs that can immediately incorporate the Wi-Fi platform. Arrow will enable the global distribution of the solution, which is available now.

The new lighting platform will compete with the current offering from Philip’s connected lighting system.

’The whole experience is a lot more complete,’ Talluri said.