Aspenta Seeking Partners For Internet Of Things

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For solution providers looking to convert their business to recurring revenue and service-based models, the answer might be partnering with Internet of Things vendors.

Aspenta is actively searching for solution providers to implement its connected devices and machine-to-machine technologies.

’We are working with all partners, in the world, to basically recruit resellers,’ said Aspenta CEO Dr. Walid Moneimne.

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Aspenta’s product portfolio includes logistics management solutions, a customizable IoT platform, remote gateways, and data and M2M SIM cards, which operate worldwide.

The Aspenta CEO said the sheer number of devices expected to be utilized in the IoT world means there will be lots of business opportunities to share.

’The size of the market is very large for all resellers to really participate,’ he said. ’There also are a lot of services in that market.’

Aspenta is also recruiting already-established service providers and system integrators to join its worldwide channel program.