Plexxi Promises Solution For Cisco, Arista Partners

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Richard Napolitano took the helm of networking company Plexxi in November, and now he’s steering the company to partner with solution providers who understand next-generation applications and data centers.

Napolitano said Plexxi provides ’simply a better network for this next era of computing.’

The new CEO said the current architecture of networking data centers is far too complex for up-and-coming technology applications like big data. Plexxi’s architecture scales out, ’which basically means that you can have 90 percent less cables in our design,’ Napolitano said.

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Napolitano pointed to analysis that concluded ’20 percent of all the problems in the network and the infrastructure come from cabling problems.’

While Plexxi is not looking to go head-to-head with Cisco and Arista to recruit traditional networking partners, Napolitano said his company is the superior choice for partners using Hadoop or SAP HANA.

’Arista or Cisco are not really attuned to those use cases,’ he said.

Napolitano was specific in his commitment to the channel -- his vision for Plexxi is a 100 percent channel company.

’Our whole model is to find the partners that understand Cloudera or Hortonworks or VMware,’ he said. Napolitano will be seeking out ’partners that understand those use cases are very, very important.’