Allworx Introduces New Family of Servers For Unified Communications

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Allworx, a division of Windstream, released a new family of VoIP communication systems for small businesses called Allworx Connect.

Connect is the end result of two years of labor by Allworx engineers, and Vice President and General Manager Chris Hasenauer promises increased speed and power.

’If you think about Moore’s Law and PCs -- we all know about that, things get faster and memory gets better as time goes on -- these are brand-new [servers], developed over the last couple years, focused entirely on the small-business space,’ Hasenauer told CRNtv.

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’The way we see things going is much more integration between all the ways you communicate,’ Hasenauer said.

Allworx Connect will boost the possibilities in unified communications because the servers are necessary as a foundation for software innovation.

’It’s about the power. Our hardware is always a platform for the software applications that we develop,’ Hasenauer said. ’Our new platform provides us with the ability to do all sorts of things in the future that we weren’t able to do on older systems.’