Demo: Freescale QorIQ LS1 Processors For IoT

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Freescale's QorIQ LS1020A and LS1022A communications processors pack the power and performance necessary for next-generation networking in the enterprise.

The QorIQ processors feature virtualization support, advanced security features, and a broad array of high-speed interconnects and serial connectivity options. The processor family offers three performance levels: value, mid and high-performance, as well as processing platforms for connectivity, industrial applications, health-care applications and networking.

In a demonstration, Freescale’s Richard Lewis connected two remote cards over Wi-Fi to the Freescale IoT gateway, which employs the QorIQ LS1021A processor. When Lewis picked up one of the cards, it communicated to the other card through the IoT gateway, and propelled a lit up fan on a table. When the card was set down, the remote cards communicated again in realtime and the fan stopped.

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"This is just a simple example of a control application that we’re doing, using our IoT gateway platform and simple demo cards. People can use our cards and get up and running in a very, very rapid fashion," Lewis said.

Freescale has a three-tier Connect Partner Program: Premier, Proven and Partner. While Premier and Proven are invitation-only, solution providers can apply to the Partner program, the third tier of the program.