NXP Microcontrollers Boost IoT Security

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Security is one of the major concerns in expanding the role of the Internet of Things in networking. NXP Semiconductors has taken that into consideration with the development of its new LPC43Sxx microcontrollers, which have integrated security.

The NXP LPC43Sxx family of microcontrollers offers high-speed connectivity, AES encryption and OTP key storage. They are ideally suited for secure industrial gateways, smart meters, diagnostic equipment and electronic instruments.

"This is a solution that is going to be very important in the marketplace because Wi-Fi-connected applications need to have secure control of who accesses the data, or who gets access to the services of the module that it's built into," said NXP’s Allen Willson. "So this is a solution that we're looking forward to bringing into the marketplace very soon with Arrow."

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The microcontrollers are supported by a range of software solutions from partners, as well as NXP's A-Series secure element, which adds hardware-accelerated RSA and ECC secure authentication.

NXP's partner program includes more than 70 companies. NXP offers a particular program for implementation consultants looking to work specifically in NXP microcontrollers.