Demo: Intel IoT Gateway For Enterprise Use Cases

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Intel was one of many vendors at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show to spotlight connected technologies around the Internet of Things, but the company hopes to leverage the same technologies for enterprise use cases.

Intel’s Noah Inbar demonstrated a smart system connected to a greenhouse to CRNtv, in which sensors connect through a gateway to provide data then analyzed through Hadoop-based software.

’We can see here different parameters like temperature, humidity and the luminosity that we received from the greenhouse,’ Inbar said. ’All of this, this is happening on the cloud.’

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The system does more than collect data about real-time conditions, though. Inbar showed how through remote cloud software, he could control conditions within the greenhouse like fans and opening and closing windows.

’What’s more interesting is I can also do some automatic parameters. So, for example, if the amount of luminosity goes below a certain level, we can force the light to come on to compensate for the missing light,’ Inbar said.

The connected technologies will open doors for large companies that have offices and industrial spaces across large regional and global areas, and the applications for the enterprise are numerous. Intel’s simple demonstration also showcased how the Internet of Things incorporates nearly every segment of IT: sensors, storage, cloud, data analytics, hardware, software and, of course, networking.

’With the amount of CPU power in the gateway, you can do a lot of things today that you could not do in the past,’ said Inbar.