NetComm Partner Boosts Productivity, Cuts Costs in Public Transportation with IoT Solutions

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Wireless router specialists at NetComm proved how connected device innovation can cut spending and boost productivity in an Internet of Things project with San Diego-based solution provider Cubic Transportation Systems.

Cubic provides enterprise solutions for ’intelligent travel, delivering end-to-end systems and services based on innovation, scalability, specialist integration, and the flexibility to grow with changing requirements and emerging technology for the complete mobility network,’ according the Cubic website.

NetComm partnered with Cubic to design smart ticketless bus and ferry travel solutions, specializing routers for the company’s needs.

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’They needed a very unique solution, and they were looking at a lot of different opportunities, and they needed a router that actually had the Ethernet ports on the back of it. They needed something that could manage their system, on the hardware, as well as adding that connectivity,’ said NetComm’s Terra Bastolich.

With the NetComm technology, Cubic could also remotely monitor all of its transit lines, increasing productivity and cutting unnecessary expenditures.