Riverbed Launches SteelCentral Portal, Promises Partners ROI

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Riverbed Technology's SteelCentral division of application and performance management launched a new product: the SteelCentral Portal software solution, which is designed for hybrid IT environments.

"SteelCentral Portal delivers end-to-end visibility of application performance across really complex infrastructures that companies have today," said Mike Sargent, senior vice president and general manager of SteelCentral at Riverbed Technology.

Sargent said those infrastructures include "complex networks, hybrid infrastructures," and multitier application management.

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"We see many benefits for our customers. SteelCentral Portal is going to deliver a tremendous collaboration capability for our enterprise customers," Sargent said.

There will be plenty of opportunity for Riverbed partners to capitalize on the new product as well.

"Our partners couldn't be more critical to us," said Sargent.

Sargent said SteelCentral Portal will enable partners to elevate the conversation with end users and sell more.

"It also helps them to generate a return on investment that customers have already made in Riverbed, so it should really help our partners advance their relationships," he said.