Experts Name Top Considerations Around IoT

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Business applications around the Internet of Things continue to enter the IT mainstream, but IoT experts said there are multiple decisions businesses looking to monetize IoT need to consider.

Building a successful IoT solution or business takes more than creative acumen.

"Having a good idea doesn't mean that people are going to come," said Arrow’s Joseph Zaloker. "You really, really need to understand what is the business problem that the customer is trying to face -- or you're trying to face, and then apply technology towards it."

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Dave Van Dorselaer of AT&T said security remains top-of-mind for anyone in the connected technology space. "I think security is the No. 1 thing, not only from an application standpoint, [but also] the hardware, and also, how it transverses over a network. It is important, and oftentimes becomes a barrier to any of the use cases," he said.

Logic PD's Jason Voiovich said the data generated by IoT devices is crucial, because that’s where most companies' ROI will come from. Voiovich said equally important is who will be interested in aggregated data, as that will determine the value of data.

Terra Bastolich from Netcomm said the lifespan of devices in the field is incredibly important, particularly when it comes to industrial applications, like in much-touted smart city plans.

"If you're making an industrial device -- an ATM machine, a generator -- you're looking at a real business opportunity and machine-to-machine device. You’re not pulling them, necessarily, out of the field every 18 months," Bastolich said.