Demo: IoT-Enabled 3-D Printing

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Many have touted 3-D printing as the wave of the future, but Acumen Solutions took the technology a step further at the recent LiveWorx IoT event when it turned a 3-D printer into a connected device.

Acumen Solutions' Jason Karikas said the fleet management technology used to connect and remotely control the printer is not limited to 3-D printing technology, but is applicable to many industrial technologies.

Acumen Solutions developed a corresponding mobile app that allows remote management through a smartphone or, in Karikas' case, an LG G Watch.

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"We took this 3-D printer that off-the-shelf was not network-connected, and through connecting with the Rasberry Pi, we were able to run a network-based host management solution to control and monitor the 3-D printer, pretty much from anywhere," Karikas said.

Acumen Solutions also has developed a Machine2Cloud solution in the IoT space, which "captures valuable data from wearables, medical devices and industrial equipment to listen and act."