PlumChoice: The Internet Of Services Is More Important Than The Internet Of Things

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The Internet of Things has become a huge buzzword with what some say are trillion-dollar opportunities. But to get that revenue, technical solutions and services provider PlumChoice said the key is in the Internet of Services, rather than ’Things.’

PlumChoice specializes in support for connected solutions, as well as cloud application services.

Vice President of Marketing Karen McPhillips said PlumChoice’s ultimate goal is to deliver on the promise of the Internet of Things, ’which is convenience, control and simplicity.’

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While connected gadgets and devices have shelf appeal, McPhillips said providing the services to install, sync and maintain those devices is crucial to converting SMBs and individual end users to connected solutions. Otherwise, end users are likely to experience frustration, and even return the hardware.

McPhillips said the relationship between end users and their products has fundamentally changed with the onset of connectivity.

’If you are looking at or considering a smart thermostat, it’s not the thermostat you’re looking to buy. What you’re interested in is convenient, efficient temperature control,’ she said.

’In the end while all these things are important, what’s super important is the service that goes along with them,’ McPhillips said.