Demo: ThingWorx IoT Platform For Mobile App Development

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ThingWorx, a mobile application development platform from PTC, leverages the growing power of the Internet of Things to help developers easily build and manage connected applications.

"What makes this kind of special is that the development from browser to phone is very, very fast," said ThingWorx’s Brandon Hahr. "And so it kind of answers that question for a lot of people asking about mobile -- how expensive it is, how long it takes to develop applications. And it’s much, much faster with a tool like this."

ThingWorx’s newest mobile builder supports iOS and Android application development and easily allows developers to drag and drop widgets to create an application. With this interface, developers have no need to code -- reducing development time and opening up the ability to build applications for more entrepreneurs and end users.

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The ThingWorx IoT platform can also store "massive amounts" of data that can be analyzed from application users for further development and collaboration.