This Device Drives The Internet Of Things

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Semiconductors provide the infrastructure for every smart technology. According to Director of Semiconductor Strategy Michael Munsey at Dassault Systemes, a French company with a headquarters in Waltham, Mass., semiconductors built for IoT need to be capable in four different arenas compared with traditional static semiconductors.

"It basically does four things that most static semiconductors don't do today: observes, discovers, recognizes and anticipates," Munsey said.

Munsey used the example for IoT technologies in automobiles, in which semiconductors need to be aware of where the car is, and all elements of the changing environment around that car.

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"Once it discovers things about that world, it recognizes certain situations it's in, and then that brings us to the autonomous aspect of the device, where it can actually anticipate things that are going to happen," Munsey said.

The semiconductor device embedded in connected solutions runs 24/7 and, with that runtime, will continue to get "smarter."

"So these devices have to always be on, and always be aware," Munsey said.