Demo: BeON IoT Lighting And Security System

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Cambridge, Mass.-based BeON is more than a smart lightbulb set -- it's a full IoT-connected security system.

The starter system comes with three LED lightbulbs and IoT modules. The lightbulbs contain a rechargeable battery (which automatically starts to charge when the light is switched off) and a microphone. They also are connected to the BeON mobile app.

Through the app, users can program things like lighting schedules for when they are out of town to give the appearance that a home is inhabited over weeks of time. Because the lightbulbs operate on a battery, they also can be used during a power outage.

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The microphone within the bulbs responds to smoke detectors and fire alarms, transforming the system into emergency lighting. The microphone also responds to a doorbell.

According to BeON COO Arvind Baliga, research has shown that home intruders often test whether a house is occupied by ringing a doorbell. The BeON system responds to a ringing doorbell in an empty house by lighting up in a pattern suggesting someone is walking up to the door from another room. Sounds like footsteps and barking dogs also can be incorporated into the system.

The system is available online for $249, and will begin shipping in August.