Belkin Focuses On Channel With Linksys Business

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Belkin, the company commonly associated with chargers and tablet cases, has been working hard to integrate Linksys and bolster its presence in the enterprise networking space.

’Most people think of Linksys as a consumer brand but in its history it was a very successful small- and medium-business networking company as well, and that’s one of the areas [where] Belkin really sees the opportunity to extend the brand and bring it back to where it used to be when it was a market leader,’ said Wayne Newton, director of channel sales in the commercial business group at Belkin.

Newton said since acquiring Linksys from Cisco Systems in 2013, Belkin also has worked to revamp its channel program. According to the channel chief, the two go hand in hand.

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’We are able to actually leverage the Belkin side of the business, which provides a lot of accessory-type products into the commercial space -- and our Linksys line -- to offer a comprehensive partner program for resellers,’ Newton said.

Under the updated program, partners can buy a combination of Belkin and Linksys products, which will leverage their status in the channel program and qualify them for a variety of rewards, including marketing funds. But the channel commitment doesn’t end there.

’We’re investing heavily in outreach to [partners] and trying to get them even more involved in product development and future development as true partners of ours, not just a step in the process, but people who are actually engaging with us on future development, kind of walking arm and arm down that path,’ said Newton.