Presidio Shows Off Cisco MDS 9396S Switch

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Cisco Systems touts the MDS 9396S Multilayer Fabric Switch as ’reliable, flexible and affordable.’ Connecticut-area MSP Presidio gave CRNtv an overview of the features that set this two-rack unit switch apart from the competition.

Senior Data Center Solutions Architect Clay Godshalk highlighted one nice element of the 9396S: ’the ability to quickly and easily swap out components in the event that they need to be replaced.’ Hot-swappable pieces make for easy service.

’The best part of the 9396S platform is the ability to have a modular pay-as-you-grow type of growth path for your data center,’ Godshalk said.

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Users can easily manage multiple switches through the Cisco Data Center Network Manager. They can also use this service to collect performance metrics.

Godshalk said ’the explosion in data’ has increased demand for storage components like the MDS 9396S.

’What the 9396S allows us to do is to be able to, within a single storage platform, connect more and more devices at faster speeds, so that all those analytics can be processed,’ he said.

With the MDS 9396S’s high density port count, users can shrink their footprint, and in turn, lower costs.