Symmons Industries Targets Hospitality Markets With 'Smart' Shower

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We’ve seen smart thermometers, smart cars, and smart trash cans -- but what about a smart shower? Braintree, Mass.-based Symmons Industries has turned the shower into a connected device with the hospitality industry in mind.

A sensor on the shower head connects to a display that informs the user of how much water is being used, how much time they have spent in the shower and the water's temperature.

’Our first go-to-market strategy is to actually go to the hotels and hospitality industries where we’ll be able to offer them a couple of core value propositions -- one being an enhanced guest experience,’ said Beth Mercurio, director of strategic initiatives.

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Hotels can assure guests' quality of temperature and water pressure in a way that they can see.

’You’re also going to be able to reduce operating costs because you have that information," Mercurio said. "Through Xively, our partner, we have heat maps provided to the back-end operations so they can see which rooms there might be issues with.’

The display also alerts users when they may want to exit a shower to save gallons of water, producing energy and water savings.