Finally, There's An IoT Solution For Cats

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The Internet of Things has connected people to each other in entirely new ways. Now, it can connect them to their pets as well.

LogMeIn company Xively has developed the IoT platform for a line of smart pet solutions from UK-based SureFlap. SureFlap’s pet doors remain locked unless its corresponding microchipped pet steps up to the door to unlock it. The company demonstrated the unique IoT solution to CRNtv at the recent Xively Xperience 2015 show in Boston.

SureFlap connects to a mobile app through the Xively gateway, ’So you can tell how long your cat’s been out, what’s the weather pattern outside of the house,’ said Xively solutions architect Peter Cliffod.

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’You have the ability to unlock the doors [and] set a curfew for your cats -- so if you don’t want your cats or pets to go outside the building after say 10 p.m., or before 6,’ he said.

Sureflap has sold more than 500,000 of the smart pet doors in Europe, and the company has also developed a connected food dish that prevents other pets from eating one pet’s food. That can come in handy if one pet is taking a medication with its food, or if there’s a scenario where a dog might be eating all of the cat’s food.

The SureFlap cat door starts at $124.99.