Lutron Leverages Xively For IoT-Boosted Solutions

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Electronics company Lutron proves that an old dog can learn new tricks in the technology sector. Lutron has been around since 1961 and first made a name for itself in pioneering light dimmers. Today, the company has created a connected lighting solution with the help of LogMeIn’s Xively Internet of Things platform.

Lutron’s connected lighting solution can be controlled through an application built on Xively and deployed through mobile devices such as a smartphone or tablet. Lutron’s systems let users control overhead lighting and lamps, and they can assemble a system in less than 30 minutes. Users can also set ’scenes’ to be remembered within applications, and they can set timers for individual lamps and overhead lighting systems.

Lutron offers commercial solutions extending to verticals including health care, retail and hospitality. Lutron’s myRoom is specifically catered toward guest services and controls light, temperature and shades.

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The Xively IoT platform depends on LogMeIn’s Gravity cloud infrastructure, which the company touts as ’highly scalable.’