Qualcomm's Internet Of Medical Things Includes A Connected At-Home Pregnancy Test

The Internet of Things has created a variety of smart devices, but could anyone have predicted that one of those devices would be a connected at-home pregnancy test?

Qualcomm partnered with First Response to develop the world’s first smart pregnancy test, which connects through a mobile device to alert clinicians a patient is pregnant. The device is just one of many Qualcomm showcased at its Internet of Medical Things booth at the Consumer Electronics Show.

Chief Medical Officer Dr. James Mault told CRNtv the Internet of Medical Things includes diagnostics, therapeutics, and biometrics and physiological monitors. Physiological monitors have gained the most traction in the space so far, with health trackers taking off in the wearables space.

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However, Mault said that for IoT to make a splash in medical verticals, it will require a ’connectivity infrastructure that can enable the data capture from a variety of devices and diagnostics and therapeutic instruments and allow that data to flow into the hands of clinicians of any type.’

’You’ll start to see other home tests very similar to that [home pregnancy test] using our technology that makes it very easy for the results of some of these tests to be captured electronically, to be verified for their accuracy, and then transmit that data to the clinicians,’ Mault said.