Brocade Finds Business Opportunities For Partners In New IP Architecture

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Companies undergoing digital transformation present big business opportunities for Brocade partners, according to CMO Christine Heckart.

Heckart called the new IP architecture the ’foundation of a modern digital economy’ and said more and more companies want to emulate the Googles and Amazons of the world.

’A lot of companies aspire to that but are not there yet,’ Heckart said.

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What does the transition to a digitized company look like?

’It’s about moving from traditional IP architectures that have a certain set of characteristics to a new set of characteristics, such as closed and proprietary to open and commodity silicon-based, moving from highly manual to highly automated, moving from security being bolted on at the perimeter to security being built in pervasively and built on behaviors,’ she explained.

Brocade wants to get partners in the position to aid customers through that transition, whether that means rearchitecting the network, supplying the hardware and software, or aiding in software orientation and integration.

Heckart added that for partners there will be ’a lot of opportunity to build applications on top of this architecture.’