Osram Creates Easy-To-Install Connected Lighting For Office Buildings

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Office buildings can integrate smart lighting solutions into existing light fixtures through Osram's wireless luminaire control module technology.

Osram demonstrated its wireless luminaire technology, with which anyone can install connected and addressable lighting into overhead lighting fixtures.

"The installer doesn't even see a difference on whether he's installing a system that's connected or a traditional system," said Osram's Mark Hoffknecht.

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Osram has developed technology to build in connected lighting solutions for new installations "out of the box," but there is also a retrofit system for those users looking to convert older overhead lights into connected lighting solutions.

"It is a very efficient way to convert a standard existing installation into the latest technology in LED lighting," Hoffknecht said.

Once the connected light fixture has been installed, according to Osram, an office worker can control the lighting environment in his or her cubicle. Through the fixtures, offices can also save money on controlling which lights come on depending on the number of employees in the office, the company said.