Samsung Claims 'Largest IoT Ecosystem'

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In the race to build success off the Internet of Things, Samsung boasts it has created the ’largest IoT ecosystem’ with its SmartThings products and platform.

Samsung America COO Tim Baxter said SmartThings has ’20,000 developers working on the platform and over 200 SmartThings compatible devices.’

Samsung bet big on the SmartThings ecosystem as a hub and app through which smart devices from other vendors can connect, including Bose, Osram and Honeywell. Through that system, connection to the platform provides easy setup, flexibility, and no required monthly fees for SmartThings users.

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But recently the company launched its own branded product lines, include the Home Monitoring Kit, an all-in-one consumer security package, and the SmartThings Extend USB adapter. Through that adapter, users can control IoT features through SUHD 2016 televisions. Those features could include anything from refrigeraters to baby monitors.

Right now, Samsung markets the uses for SmartThings as including security, monitoring, lighting and energy, and convenience and entertainment.