Osram Sylvania Demos OmniPoint IoT Lighting Solution for Retail, Health-Care, Office Spaces

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Osram Sylvania’s OmniPoint LED lighting solution customizes ambient and spot lighting for use in museums, theaters, convention areas and hotels, as well as retail and health-care spaces.

OmniPoint connects through an iOS/Android compatible app, and the system uses an array of independently controllable LEDs. Through the app, the user can instantly change the direction of spot lighting, change lighting from a drop light to ambient light, and create multiple spotlights at once.

’In every store, they seasonably change the object of the layout. They want to match the layout with the lighting too, but practically it’s tough,’ said Osram lighting designer Jerry Ryu.

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OmniPoint promises seemingly limitless light distribution options, and through the application the user can view a live floor plan. Users can save lighting layouts within the app and call on them at any time.

According to the company, the solution is ideal for highlighting products in a retail space, setting a spotlight on artwork in a museum, or changing lighting for different events within a convention/business center.