Safety Company First Alert Throws Hat Into IoT Ring

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The Internet of Things and home automation market has drawn in the most unlikely participants, but this one makes sense: First Alert, which has focused on safety and well-being for decades, now offers an IoT-enabled product line.

First Alert’s OneLink product line allows users to rig up an entire home or office building to keep those inside safe from carbon monoxide poisoning, smoke and fire.

’So if your alarm sounds, you can set triggers to turn on lights, turn on other sirens, turn off your furnace if [the alarm is] carbon monoxide-related. So all those things will interoperate together,’ said First Alert’s Mark Devine.

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Included in the product line is an environmental monitor, a ’little device which will give you temperature, humidity and low-level carbon monoxide [readings], which is very important for children and the elderly,’ said Devine. The solution has applications in schools, day care centers and assisted living facilities.

First Alert also introduced a connected camera the senses respiration rate in babies and children and signals parents if their breathing becomes distressed.

’If they have a fever, respiration rate goes up -- you’ll receive a notification if it goes above a [certain] level,’ Devine explained.