Demo: OSRAM's Connected Streetlights For Smart Cities

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IoT lighting company OSRAM has developed a highly efficient connected LED streetlight solution built for the smart city.

The streetlights look like any others, but connect through a controller to an Internet of Things (IoT) gateway.

’By that, streetlights can be connected with each other. They form a mesh kind of network, and can exchange information, collect data from sensors, and transmit these to servers where they can be analyzed,’ said Dr. Berit Wessler, of OSRAM.

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The potential advantages vary. Cities can track the performance and maintenance of streetlights. Additionally, ’they can control every light point separately and they can also see the energy consumption,’ said Wessler.

In a built-out smart city ecosystem, the streetlights can even communicate with one another, and exchange data with sensors mounted in different street surfaces. For example, drivers could be updated on potentially open on-street parking spaces through sensors mounted on asphalt street surfaces.

’The sensor just sends the data via a standard Internet protocol to the luminaire, and then people get an app, for example, [through] which then they can see, 'Oh, there’s free parking,'’ Wessler said.