OSRAM Harnesses Beacon Technology in IoT Development

IoT lighting company OSRAM has shifted some of its focus towards one the hottest new trends in IoT and connected technologies: beacons. The company gave CRNtv a demo of a beacon-implemented LED sign.

’A beacon is a Bluetooth low-energy device,’ explained OSRAM’s Dr. Berit Wessler.

The beacon can send an ’identifier’ to a mobile device. In the case of the demo, OSRAM used an iPad, and through the connection the iPad could determine the physical distance between the tablet and the sign.

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Wessler said there are lots of potential commercial and retail uses for beacon technology.

’So let’s say you are in front of a big sports company, probably you’d get an app saying, ’Today the shoes are 20 percent off,’’ she said. ’Or you can imagine all sorts of other localized services.’

Advertising services, in particular, could harness the technology to turn window shoppers into consumers, but civic services could use the technology to alert people about situations like crime, traffic, and weather. There are numerous possible applications for beacons in smart cities.