Nortek Will Ship IoT System For Agriculture And Gardening Just In Time For Spring

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Security and smart home market leader Nortek Security and Control will begin shipping its IoT water solution this spring, which it first introduced at CES 2016.

The solution is part of the GoControl line of smart devices, and includes an irrigation controller to manage landscape irrigation and conserve water through a network of sensors.

’It’s the very first Z-w=Wave connected irrigation controller with 15 channels of zones, flow control, and metering,’ said Avi Rosenthal, Vice President at Nortek.

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The product also tracks and analyzes local weather forecasts in real time to prevent overwatering and flooding. Users can customize water usage for the different zones on their properties. They can also set up pre-programmed irrigation schedules for properties.

In the past, 50-year-old Nortek has targeted security and digital health markets. The GoControl line has opened the doors to new business verticals through the Internet of things, such as agriculture, where IoT has exploded with possible applications.

The Smart Flow Detector has a list price of $149.95.