Oco Will Ship Smart Automation Camera For SMBs This Spring

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Delaware-based New Sight Devices will begin shipping the second generation of its home and office automation camera, the Oco 2 Smart Camera, this spring.

’Oco 2 is one of the first home automation cameras on the market with hybrid storage,’ said the company’s CMO, Andrey Gabisov. The camera features storage through an SD card, and also in the cloud, for no monthly fees.

The Wi-Fi camera can be used in office settings to monitor customer service as well as security in small businesses. Video-to-cloud recording lets users review and download footage. Its smart sensors analyze movements and alert users to activities, and it incorporates night vision technology to monitor retail businesses after-hours.

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The Oco 2 supports integration with other smart home devices, including Nest thermostat and Amazon Echo, and can be ’set up in seconds,’ according to its website.

The Oco 2 ships for $149 this spring. The first generation of the camera has a now-discounted price of $99.