Cisco Partner Summit Will Revolve Around Partners Joining Forces With One Another

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The first Cisco Partner Summit with Chuck Robbins at the reins as CEO kicks off next week, and CRN will be reporting from the event in San Diego. CRN networking editor Mark Haranas spoke to CRNtv about what to expect from the week.

According to channel chief Wendy Bahr, Haranas said, "Chuck is fired up, ready for this. You know, he's been a channel guy for years and years and years, and so being able to talk to thousands of partners now as a CEO, it's got him fired up."

Throughout the summit, Cisco is expected to drive home a message about collaboration among different partners.

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Haranas said digitization will also be in the spotlight. "That's going to be the focus for a long time, it looks like," he added.

Haranas said Cisco partners he has spoken with are focused on profitability.

"They want the biggest revenue opportunities, the biggest ways they can become profitable, and again, turning back to what Wendy says, digitization -- if you partner with other partners, that brings in bigger deals and more services," he said.