Intel WiGig Solution Offers Wireless Docking To Increase Mobile Productivity

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Intel's new ambition includes moving workplaces away from wired connections and into the ’WiGig Zone,’ through wireless docking built to fit with mobile-to-desktop workflows.

WiGig is Intel’s new 802.11ad wireless technology.

"It basically takes the place of your wired dock solution at your desk," said David Bradshaw of Santa Clara, Calif.-based Intel. "So it sits on your desk. When you approach your desk with your notebook, it automatically connects to it, and has all of the typical services you would expect to see from a wired dock on the back."

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That means the WiGig dock has ports for Ethernet, USB, HDMI, and DisplayPort. The dock works particularly well with today's new 2-in-1 tablet/laptops.

"It's part of Intel's 'no wires' story," Bradshaw said.

The dock can be set up to auto-dock when the user and device arrive within range, and auto-disconnect when they leave.