Verizon Fulfills Smart Cities Promise Through Internet Of Things Innovations

There is great promise for the Internet of Things to improve the way municipalities deliver goods and services, but obstacles to IoT adoption can be highly complex. Verizon has taken on the task of simplifying these solutions.

’We’re really focused on working with various municipalities and our business partners to help cities capitalize on the promise from an IoT perspective,’ said Tim Gorman, assistant manager of technology at the Waltham, Mass.-based Verizon Innovation Center.

’We’re focusing a lot of our attention on offering end-to-end, bundled, pre-engineered solutions,’ he said.

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Gorman demonstrated two solutions to CRNtv.

Verizon’s intelligent video solution is a full surveillance-as-a-service solution, which includes a remote surveillance unit, camera, and connectivity from a wireless perspective. The solution connects an analytics engine to a portal where the end user can view customized geographic area like remote depots, parks and parking lots.

The surveillance camera stores video locally and end users can see custom-analyzed information pertaining to safety and security.

Verizon’s intelligent lighting units are built for cities and public areas to offer LED lighting and cut energy usage by up to 70 percent.

The light units also have audio capabilities for announcements, and can mount surveillance cameras and digital signage. They can also enable emergency call buttons, and even direct traffic through rotating colored display lights.