Verizon ThingSpace Platform Knocks Out IoT Roadblocks for Enterprise Customers

The enterprise-focused development team at Verizon is well aware that the road to IoT adoption can be fraught with challenges, and at the Innovation Center in Waltham, Mass., they are dedicated to leveraging the ThingSpace development platform to tackle roadblocks.

’There are many obstacles in terms of adoption from an IoT perspective, and we spend a lot of time collaborating with our IoT customers and our business partners, and creating those end-to-end solutions,’ said Verizon’s Tim Gorman.

ThingSpace provides enterprise-level developers with assets ranging from connectivity and device management to APIs.

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’We get down to conversations at the chip and module level,’ said Gorman.

Gorman demonstrated one solution Verizon implemented at the Hahn Family Winery in central California: a full functional weather station that measures water consumption, tracks soil moisture, and delivers all of that information to users in real time.

The solution has an added benefit in drought-ridden central California.

’From an irrigation perspective, the expectation is we can help them save about 10 percent on their water, which is a significant amount relative to the challenges they have in California right now,’ Gorman said.