iRobot CEO: IoT In Consumer Market Is A 'Failed Promise'

While the Internet of Things has taken off in the commercial and business space, the opportunities in the consumer area have still not been realized, according to iRobot co-founder and CEO Colin Angle.

’At this moment in time, the consumer Internet of Things – which is very different from the commercial Internet of Things – is somewhat of a failed promise,’ Angle said.

Angle explained that consumer IoT devices lack the basic user functionality that would enable success.

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’In the commercial world, you have technicians. You have experts that install things, you have training to learn how to use your systems. That is absent in the consumer landscape. And this is the true problem,’ he said.

’Eighty-three percent of owners of connected devices have trouble using them, and the other 17 percent are too afraid to admit it,’ Angle added.

So what’s the answer? Angle said for IoT consumer devices to gain mainstream popularity, and for successful implementations of the smart home, ’it has to be simple.’

’Just live your life and the house does the right thing,’ he said.

’There are reasons for tremendous optimism and tremendous hope,’ he added.