Are Drones The Future Of Video Conferencing? Google Thinks So

Google is betting that the future of video conferencing will revolve around drones. The tech giant was recently awarded a patent for a telepresence system device for a flying drone shaped like the letter H, according to patent photos.

Google’s drone is armed with video and audio capabilities along with a moveable screen that will show the participants on the other end. The Google engineers cited in the patent, say the drone can be controlled through a cell phone that is attached to the device or can be paired with another device remotely.

The video conference would be conducted as the drone hovers, maneuvers and moves around a room.

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The benefits of doing video conferencing with a drone compared to the traditional way includes improved maneuverability, energy consumption and speed, said Google in its patent. For example, the device has the ability to access spaces in a room that would otherwise be difficult to access using a stationary or less maneuverable device.

Enterprise leaders inthe video conferencing spacecurrently include Cisco, Polycom and Vidyo.

In a recent Aerospace Forecast report, the US Federal Aviation Administration is expecting that by the year 2020, about 4.3 million drones will be sold to consumers, while another 2.7 million will be sold to businesses.